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Beautiful carpets and remarkable vinyl flooring are just two of the choices offered by our web promotion partners Harley Carpets in Brentwood, Essex. These flooring specialists have endless know-how and experience when it comes to choosing your perfect carpet, underlay, vinyl or wood flooring. They are also partnered with the Society of British and International Design [SBID], demonstrating their commitment to the promotion of beautiful, well designed homes.

Carpet has always been an incredibly popular flooring choice, due to its advantages which include, enhanced thermal insulation, meaning smaller fuel bills, non-slip underfoot comfort and reduced noise. Noise reduction is an important benefit especially in flats or apartment buildings, where residents on lower floors can be negatively affected by noise from hard floors above. Carpets are soft, quiet and give a pleasant cushioned feeling when walked across, and in addition they provide a higher level of energy efficiency. A carpeted room will retain up to 10% of its heat, as carpets are natural insulators, and a good quality underlay will boost this even further. There are a vast range of underlays available which are specially designed to give extremely high levels of insulation, meaning lower bills along with a lower carbon footprint. There are a limitless variety of carpet styles, colours and patterns and Harley Carpets are happy to advise on any aspect of your purchase.

You may be considering a vinyl floor covering, which also throws up a world of choice, particularly where luxury vinyl flooring and tiles are concerned. Vinyl flooring is a great option, delivering the spectacular results you are looking for without the trouble or expense. This best selling option gives an attractive and functional flooring solution, ideal even for potentially wet indoor environments like the bathroom or kitchen. It can look amazing in the hallway too giving an outstanding first impression. Perfect for homes, offices, retail premises and businesses properties, luxury vinyl flooring can accurately reproduce the look of expensive materials like stone, marble and wood. Thermally efficient, easy to clean and maintain, cost effective, long lasting, and produced in a myriad of designs, shades and effects, vinyl flooring ticks all the boxes.

Harley Carpets also offer an exciting range of laminate and hard wood floors from major manufacturers, all at competitive prices, along with a FREE measuring and estimating service.

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