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Tool Hire South Ockendon

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Some jobs are best done with power tools for speed efficiency and accuracy, they also take a lot less effort to use than hand tools. The most common type of electric tool, and one which you will find in most households, is a drill. This versatile tool enables many actions that just could not be easily done by hand such as making a perfectly round hole in brick or wood. This task is boosted by the ‘hammer action’ available in most modern drills, and many also double as a screwdriver.

A good quality cordless drill will give years of great service, and as long as it’s battery gets topped up, it is much handier than the corded version. A keyless chuck is preferable too, then you don’t have to search for the key each time you come to do a job.

A high performance drill and a variety of hand tools should see you through most DIY tasks, but you may also sometimes require certain other power tools for specific jobs.

Sawing wood, is one of the most tiring jobs, and one that demands constant repetition, so power saws are ideal for fast results, and with a nice sharp blade will go through wood like a knife through butter. Another job that gets an award for tediousness, is sanding which can’t really be skipped if a nice finish is desired.

A decent palm sander will scuff up a surface ready for painting, and they are good for tricky small areas or those with lots of detail. More substantial jobs such as floor stripping, will need a larger heavy duty sander. Bear in mind that these bigger jobs are best carried out with pro floor sanding equipment, which are much better at dust extraction and can be hired.

You can hire a wide range of well maintained, affordable power tools for your project in South Ockendon from Rhino Plant Hire.

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