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Stay Safe with Electrics

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tke-imageWhenever electrical work is carried out, care should be taken to keep everybody involved including the contractor and anybody in the area during or after the job. As we all know electricity is capable of causing a number of problems from electric shocks to burns, exposure to arcing or injury from explosion caused by sparks igniting dust or vapours. A shock can result in a subsequent fall from a ladder or scalding and care has to be taken whether in a domestic, retail or industrial setting.

An assessment of risk should be carried out covering factors such as who could be harmed, how the level of risk has been established and what, if any, precautions have been taken to avoid that risk. The type of electrical equipment used should also be taken into consideration along with the surroundings. It is important to ensure that the electrical equipment or installation is suitable for its intended use, and that it is used appropriately. A wet environment can be hazardous where electricity is concerned and if equipment is unsuitable it may become live in addition to the immediate area. Devices such as circuit breakers and fuses must be checked to ensure that they have the correct rating for the particular circuit they protect. Locks are advised for isolators and fuse box cases. It is essential that all plugs, sockets, cables and fittings are suitably protected for the area they are located in. Machinery should have an easy access isolator or switch in case of emergencies.

Maintenance is an essential factor with HVAC systems, electrical items, machinery and appliances, including portable versions which should all be checked visually. If plugs or connectors are damaged there are makeshift taped repairs to cables, or wires are visible the item should be immediately withdrawn and either repaired or replaced. Sometimes stains or burn marks are noticeable which are an indication of overheating. Where repairs are required, qualified electricians like Turn Key Electrical, should be consulted for a safe result. It is best to thoroughly check items which receive heavy use frequently as they are more likely to become damaged or worn. Sockets should not be overloaded and cables should be kept from trailing and causing trips and falls. Make sure that staff know how to use electrical equipment safely, and are aware of the danger signs of malfunction.

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