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Plastic & Metal Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings you can Trust

Wide Range of Quality Metal & Plastic, Low Maintenance Storage Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings


When looking for things like garden sheds, it is easy to be tempted by extremely low prices, after all a garden shed is a garden shed right? Wrong!

Most plastic and metal sheds may look very similar, but can have vast differences when it comes to strength, durability and functionality. If you look around the internet you will find many reviews by people who have purchased inferior outdoor buildings, with comments such as ‘next to useless’, ‘false economy unless you want them to only last a month’, ‘rain gets in everywhere’, ‘blew down in first strong wind’. Often the service is not much better with reviews stating ‘assembly instructions impossible to understand’, ‘cheap shed, extortionate delivery prices’, ‘shoddy delivery service’.

Our web promotion partners SM Garden Sheds, are committed to providing high quality plastic, metal and timber sheds, with customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list. The largest UK choice in outdoor storage including sheds, workshops, garages and storage boxes, means that SM Garden Sheds have the perfect low maintenance UPVC or steel shed for you. They offer FREE delivery to any UK mainland destination and there is clear information about this on their website delivery information page. Their comprehensive website also has plenty of product information like size, specification and details on features included with each building.

SM Garden Sheds are proud to supply outdoor storage products which have been carefully scrutinised by their team of shed experts. This even involves travelling to the relevant factory locations to observe the manufacturing process, and ask questions. This kind of intensive research demonstrates best practice, and assures high quality. These are vital requirements which allow the company to reassure their customers with confidence, about the standard of shed they are buying.

Some of the excellent outdoor storage products in their range include steel reinforced plastic sheds from Lifetime, Duramax and Keter, and expertly made metal sheds by reputable names like Lotus, Canberra, Emerald, Biohort, Asgard and Easy Kit. Browse their website and have quick look at their testimonials page, we are confident that you will like what you see!

Call SM Garden Sheds for some sound advice about their range of sheds and outdoor storage buildings on 0845 601 6299.

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