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Specialist Diagnosis & Treatment of Headaches in London & Essex

The Headache & Migraine Specialist network brings together neurologists and physiotherapists with GPs and other health professionals in understanding the causes and treatment of all types of head pain. By sharing research and developing areas of best practice the Headache & Migraine Specialist network are seeing some remarkable results in the majority of their patients.

The key to the finding the right treatment for head pain is in the finding the right diagnosis.

The first stage following referral to any of the practices in the Headache & Migraine Specialist group is assessment. A full medical history is taken, followed by a physical examination by a specialist physiotherapist. In most instances this will determine the type of headache and the correct care pathway.

In some instances it is necessary to refer a patient back to the GP or on to a neurological consultant but for most patients effective treatment can begin straight away.

The International Headache Society has identified more than 300 distinct types of headache but these can broadly be broken down to 3 main classifications: migraine, tension type headaches, and cluster headaches. The causes of headache vary from type to type although common triggers include genetic factors, hormone imbalances, intolerance to certain food & drink, posture and stress.

Very often there is not a single cause but the headache is the result of a combination of factors that together reach a threshold that instigates the pain response. This is the reason why a cup of coffee, for example, may have no effect one day but the next day it could tip the balance to severe head pain. 

One of the most common causes of head pain identified by the Headache & Migraine Specialist network is cervicogenic problems associated with the neck and shoulders. Fortunately, with the right intervention, it is also one of the most responsive to treatment.

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Specialist Diagnosis & Treatment of Headaches in London & Essex