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Tool Hire for Preparing Your Garden in Bishop’s Stortford

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This is the perfect time of year to start thinking about giving your garden in Bishop’s Stortford an overhaul, and also a great time for the unavoidable preparation! This stage is often dreaded, but those who skip it or skate over it very often end up regretting their haste. As we all know, certain aspects of gardening can be a little back breaking, but there are easier ways of doing things. A rotavator for instance is a very handy piece of machinery, ideal for making tedious jobs almost a walk in the park.

Used to break up, churn and aerate soil in gardens allotments and fields, these powerful pieces of equipment achieve fast results. Robust blades or rotors spin to break through soil, levelling the area, improving drainage and preparing the ground for growing crops, vegetables or plants.

A range of sizes are available as smaller jobs in gardens and smaller allotments require tillers, while fields, large plots of land and vegetable patches need a more heavy duty option like a hydraulic rotavator or cultivator. Before tilling ground that has never been tilled, water it well for a few days, then check that the soil has drained. If it is too damp, it will not produce the best results, also remember to get rid of any weeds before tilling. Take a ball of the soil and if it dents when pushed with your finger as opposed to breaking apart easily, it is still too moist, and you should wait.

Always take care when using this type of equipment, and use safety precautions like wearing padded gloves and ear defenders. Stay in control of the machine at all times and don’t let your mind wander. Let the rotavator do the work, this will stop you from becoming quickly tired and save sore muscles. The outcome should be perfectly flattened ground ready to transform into a vegetable plot or beautiful lawn.

You can hire a rotavator to save money, but ensure the company you use are reputable, and that they maintain their hire equipment regularly.

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