7 Reasons to Choose Wood Flooring


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woodpeckerHardwood flooring is an incredibly sustainable choice to make, as the home’s carbon footprint is reduced when using natural materials like wood. Some man made products are not particularly environmentally friendly. The production of one tonne of cement for instance takes five times more energy than wood flooring. But most people choose real wood floors for their beauty and appeal, raising the profile of any home. There are good reasons to go with wood and here are just a few : –

1. Natural Charm

Wood floors add character to any room, there are a variety of finishes available, so whatever your décor there will be wood flooring to match.

2. Tough & Long Lasting

Wood flooring from specialists like Harley Carpets, is highly durable and can cope with the heaviest foot traffic. Damage is not really a problem with wood flooring, as it can be deep cleaned, sanded and treated.

3. Warmth Underfoot

Wood is a natural, versatile insulator, It will retain heat when the weather is cold, and stay cool in the warmer months.

4. Less Noise

Wood flooring is also a fibrous material meaning it absorbs sound, resulting in a quieter flooring option.

5. Added Value

Hardwood flooring is extremely attractive to prospective buyers, and will add value to your home. Ensure that you use a reputable stockist like Harley Carpets though, to guarantee high quality.

6. Low maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, wood flooring is surprisingly low maintenance, simply vacuum and mop with an appropriate wood cleaning product and Bob’s your Uncle!

7. Allergies

Wooden flooring does not attract pests like dust mites or any other allergy causing organisms.


Harley Carpets have a vast range of flooring choices, including the spectacular Woodpecker collection. Woodpecker are a family business dedicated to providing high quality, versatile wood flooring. This flooring can be found in homes, hotels, department stores and offices thanks to its beauty and practicality.




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