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Home Automation Systems for Safety and Convenience

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image by Beatrice Murch

Home automation concepts used to be the stuff of futuristic fiction like some of the weird and wonderful gadgets in the 007 movies. The idea that you could vary the temperature in each room of your home, create a mood for each individual room with lighting, music and TV instantly and effortlessly would have seemed like an unattainable dream. Even when away from home it is now possible to check that all is well, that your home security is functioning properly, and that you will return to your preferred environment.

With smart home automation, you can schedule a bespoke set of actions to kick in which will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Take for instance automatic home lighting control, you can decide when you wish your lights to turn on and off, and the level of ambience. This is not just for people who love owning the latest state of the art technology, but for those who want to save money and add convenience to their busy lives.

Lights can automatically illuminate a path on entry in to the home for safety and accessibility, triggered in ways like opening the front door, pushing a keypad button, or deactivating a home alarm system. Lights can be programmed in many different configurations, at whatever time of the day or night. You may wish to illuminate frequently used pathways such as from the bedroom to the bathroom when needed, without having to search and feel around for switches. There will be no stubbing of toes or stepping on Fido with gentle lighting, you can also avoid disturbing others with a loud click and bright light. Your lights can fade gradually to black in the amount of time you set, in order for kids to drop off to sleep.

When away from home the lights can be set to mimic your routine, so that the house looks occupied. Sensors tell the lights when there is adequate natural light available prompting them to turn off. Unnecessary energy use is detected and checked, if anything has been inadvertently left on, alternatively lights will be activated when desired, great when your arms are full of packages etc.

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