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Technically Advanced Audio & Visual Systems, Products & Services

Optic Control Ltd offer the full spectrum of home entertainment systems, smart control systems and security systems. Optic Control will install for you an intricately tailored audio visual system, comprising the very latest technical innovations and biggest brand names such as:


In a no charge consultation, and guided by your needs, Optic Control will develop a scheme to integrate all of your home electrics and configure them giving you complete control at the touch of a button. All of our systems are carefully designed & planned to ensure optimum performance.

Aerials & Satellite Systems

We can install all of the main types of aerial and satellite set ups used within the domestic environment, for everyday home systems, or the commercial sector such as pub TV set ups. Lead slate kits give a neat and tidy finish to an installation using roof penetration as opposed to a tall mast attached to the wall of a house. Optic Control offer a professional service by highly qualified staff with a vast knowledge and experience of audio and visual applications.

Communal and commercial set ups of any size are possible using fibre optic cables, even supplying a complete housing complex.

Multi Room Audio & Visual Installations

Your home can be intricately configured to accommodate a network of home entertainment equipment in an extremely user friendly package. High Definition pictures can be distributed throughout the home and accessed or controlled from any TV you choose. 3D systems can also be fitted to be enjoyed in the same way. Rooms can be divided into zones with speaker systems in multiple rooms controlled from your ipod, iphone, ipad or music server. This allows you to set up the atmosphere of a room from wherever you are in the home.
An exciting combination of audio and visual experience can be designed and adjusted to the specific requirements of you and your family.

Home Automation, Home Entertainment & Cinema Systems

Optic Control Ltd enable you to transform your entire home into your own personal idea of perfection at the touch of a button. Whether it be a soothing and relaxing ambiance that is desired, a vibrant and exciting atmosphere or a mixture of both. Your home can be configured seamlessly to respond automatically when you give a command using your ipod, iphone, ipad or music server.

Mood programmes, mood lighting and zone lighting give you unlimited versatility and flexibility with your home entertainment system. Delight your friends by setting in motion a string of smooth automated actions which can change the whole look, feel and function of a room or network of rooms with the gentle press of a button. Let Optic Control optimise your experience and enhance your lifestyle with home entertainment and cinema automation systems.

Security & Commercial

With state of the art, versatile security systems we can provide complete peace of mind. Our range of security features includes:

  • CCTV Remote Monitoring
  • Multi Channel Playback
  • Unlimited DVR Monitoring
  • Real Time Recording
  • Email Notification of an Alarm Event
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition [ANPR]
  • Live Images on your Mobile
  • 2 Zone Talk Back
  • Door Entry Access Control Systems
  • Energy Saving Wireless Lighting
  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Motion Detection Systems     

This is just a selection from our impressive reliable and programmable range protecting you, your family, your business or your property.

Commercial applications include audio and visual installations and entertainment networks for pubs, hotels, shopping complexes, board rooms and conferences.