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Assessing Environmental Regulations in Housing Developments

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Eco BuildingConstruction is not the most eco-friendly industry, although there have been attempts to change this over the last several years. It doesn’t help that developers are under pressure to build where possible and provide much needed homes throughout the UK. There are nowadays all kinds of environmental requirements which have to be met before projects can receive permission to go ahead. Developers have to adhere to rules around biodiversity net gain, habitats, nutrient neutrality and air quality. The House of Lords built environment committee is now investigating the impact on development that these regulations are having.

The Lords committee is looking at governance and the associated costs for developers along with the delivery of projects. The committee want to know which specific regulations should be considered, and at what stage of the development. They are seeking solid evidence on many points such as:

  • What is the main challenge for promoters and developers in fulfilling environmental requirements, and is there a solution?
  • Is there clear communication regarding changes in environmental regulations governing development, and is there sufficient support available for developers to fulfil their responsibilities?
  • What expense is involved in meeting environmental regulations? In what way does this vary for different types of developers in various locations.
  • Is there adequate coherence between different environmental regulations, and could this be improved?
  • Do Government bodies such as the Environment Agency and Natural England have a significant impact on planning and development decisions and do they work well together?
  • How does the Environment Agency interact with development as regulator and owner of land and other assets?
  • Does Natural England monitor and implement these regulations, and do they affect the delivery of new development?
  • Are the information needs of the planning system proportionate?
  • Are there sufficient resources for key actors to implement environmental regulations and carry out their responsibilities?
  • Are there any significant changes that could improve this system?

The committee is not looking to evaluate the merits of particular environmental regulations, but wishes to learn about how these are implemented through the planning system.


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4 Basic ‘Must Have’ Tools

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Tool HireEven if your not to fussed about DIY, you should have at least a basic set of tools in case you need to put a picture up etc. You will need some tools, whether it’s for assembling that Ikea bedroom furniture, or embarking on a remodelling project. If you don’t have a few tools, even the easiest task could be a bit of a problem! You can plan a trip to your local DIY store, or browse online for tools, but remember the wise old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’. Make a list of what you think you’ll need, and if you’re scratching your head, here are 4 tools your most likely to need.

1. Tape Measure

The humble tape measure is essential for any toolbox, as precise measurements can make or break a job. These little gadgets come in handy in numerous ways from discovering how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need to visualising a few millimetres difference.

2. Screwdriver

Many power drills can also be used as a screwdriver, but it’s good to have a nice manual one to grab. Take a look around the room you are in right now, and check how many things are secured by screws. This is why you need at least one screwdriver, and a range of changeable bits too.

3. Hammer

Hammers are a great tool and are effective for a variety of tasks, the bigger the hammer the more powerful. The obvious use of course is to hammer in a nail when hanging that picture we talked about earlier. Even a medium sized hammer has an impressive crushing force with its solid metal head, and a claw hammer can wrench out old or crooked nails.

4. A Power Drill

This tool is crucial and a high quality drill will last for years and be well used. Making holes fast and accurately is the key to all kinds of tasks in Barking. These tools can be expensive so why not try hiring a drill, before deciding to purchase one. When hiring from Rhinos Plant Hire you can choose from a vast range of high performance tools.


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Health of the Construction Industry

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BuildingThe UK construction sector has a lot to feel optimistic about as a survey in December 2020 indicated an uptake in business activity. A monthly survey of purchasing managers revealed that increased orders are driving the recovery. Construction projects that had to be delayed early in 2020 are now beginning to continue. With extra demand due to a sharp rise in house building, more jobs within the industry were available in December too. By December, client demand had improved for the seventh month in a row. Purchasing prices however escalated due to supply shortages and an increase in the cost of steel and timber.

Economics director at IHS Markit, which compiles the survey, Tim Moore said: “December data illustrated a positive end to the year for the UK construction sector, mostly fuelled by a sharp rebound in house building. Overall output growth has slowed in comparison to the catch-up phase last summer, but now it is encouraging to see the recovery driven by new projects and stronger underlying demand.

“A sustained improvement in construction order books resulted in a rise in employment numbers for the first time in nearly two years and the most optimistic growth expectations since April 2017. Construction companies are hopeful that higher demand will broaden out beyond residential projects in the next 12 months, led by infrastructure spending and a potential rebound in new commercial work from the depressed levels seen during the pandemic. “Transport delays and a lack of stock among suppliers were the main difficulties reported by UK construction firms at the end of 2020, which contributed to the fastest rise in purchasing prices for nearly two years.”

The increased activity is also good news for plant hire companies such as Rhinos Plant Hire, as using their services will keep costs down for builders in places like Hertford.


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