Environmentally Friendly Fire Control


Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Chemicals, Cost Effective, Efficient Fire Extinction

abcThere has been great interest in the replacement of traditional fire fighting chemicals and dispersants with alternatives which are safer for the environment. Any possible negative consequences related to the use of fire suppressant chemicals have been largely overlooked in the past, as dealing with the fire has always been the main priority. Concerns regarding the environmental effects of certain chemicals used in the suppression of fires eventually prompted research to be undertaken by relevant bodies. Our web promotion partners ABC Macintosh are specialist manufacturers of high performance fire fighting products, which have a minimal negative impact on the environment. Continual development has enabled ABC Macintosh to provide fire fighting chemicals appropriate for use on all types of fire including dry powder and foam.

With clients throughout Europe, ABC Macintosh are experts at bringing exceptional solutions to some of the most challenging and hazardous fire fighting situations. These include petrochemical plants, nuclear industry, chemical plants, woodland fires, MoD, the Police and the UK Fire and Rescue Service. A wide range of fire types call for professionals to have access to the correct means of dealing with each incident in a safe and efficient way.

The majority of standard chemicals used in fire fighting can contaminate land and waterways, and some have been banned by the European directive. More ecologically responsible considerations while desirable have in the past proved expensive. ABC Macintosh consider economics an important factor, and consequently have endeavoured to integrate cost effectiveness into what they offer. Manufacturers of fire extinguishers have seen ratings and approvals improved as a result of using water additives, extinguisher foams and fat fire agents from ABC Macintosh.

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Control of Hazardous Fires including Woodland, Petrochemical Plants, Nuclear Industry & Chemical Plants