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The term ‘mood lighting’ highlights an element of interior design which affects the senses and emotions. When this type of lighting is applied skilfully, the whole ambience of a room can be controlled or changed, usually in order to induce a feeling of wellbeing. Lighting is often thought of as simply a practical thing, illuminating spaces and making it possible to see better in them. However on entering a home where lighting has been designed and carefully placed, there is an unmistakably different perspective. The profile of the rooms are raised somehow, and given an air of luxury and sophisticated chic.

Lighting within the architectural environment has the power to influence the viewer, and is utilised extensively by interior designers, who realise its importance. Even the most stunning room, filled with beautiful furnishings and spectacular d├ęcor, can be enhanced beyond recognition when mood lighting is introduced.

Varying levels of illumination along with ‘soft’ [diffused] or ‘hard’ [direct] light are used to produce a particular mood atmosphere such as restful, contented, happy, optimistic, peaceful, thoughtful or even stimulated and refreshed. A selection of tones and colours are available along with an impressive line up of lamp designs. The impact that lighting has on us is often overlooked, not only influencing how we feel but highlighting objects in a room. A striking and dramatic result is achieved by light which is focused on crystal, metal or sumptuous fabrics, reflecting shiny surfaces or emphasizing texture. Paintings or ornaments take on a special importance when illuminated. Shadows of different intensity also play a part in creating the feel of the surroundings. With light you can conjure up a happy bright family environment or transform it instantly into a romantic and intimate setting.

Mood programmes are just one element of electrical Home Automation Systems from Optic Control Ltd, allowing you to alter your rooms with just a light touch of the finger. We offer energy saving, controllable mood lighting from names like Lutron and Rako. Our high performance products bring some the most innovative technology into play, with smooth remote control of lighting, audio systems, home cinemas, curtains, French doors and other solutions, providing full enjoyment of your home. Many businesses and organisations, have taken advantage of our system installations in order to present their company in the best possible light [excuse the pun!]

Our products are frequently integrated into high quality, new builds as part of the initial design, making the property contemporary and exceptionally desirable. Multi Building Services Ltd, Essex, offer all building services from the fitting of air source heat pumps to complete new builds. They use only NICEIC approved electricians as part of their highly skilled team. Their interior design service offers a functional and outstanding home environment possibility, with a range of expertly designed styles like contemporary, rustic, classic, shabby chic and Scandinavian.

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