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Home Automation Systems for Safety and Convenience

Home Automation Systems, Everyday Home Lighting Systems, Multiroom Audio, Video


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Home automation concepts used to be the stuff of futuristic fiction like some of the weird and wonderful gadgets in the 007 movies. The idea that you could vary the temperature in each room of your home, create a mood for each individual room with lighting, music and TV instantly and effortlessly would have seemed like an unattainable dream. Even when away from home it is now possible to check that all is well, that your home security is functioning properly, and that you will return to your preferred environment.

With smart home automation, you can schedule a bespoke set of actions to kick in which will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Take for instance automatic home lighting control, you can decide when you wish your lights to turn on and off, and the level of ambience. This is not just for people who love owning the latest state of the art technology, but for those who want to save money and add convenience to their busy lives.

Lights can automatically illuminate a path on entry in to the home for safety and accessibility, triggered in ways like opening the front door, pushing a keypad button, or deactivating a home alarm system. Lights can be programmed in many different configurations, at whatever time of the day or night. You may wish to illuminate frequently used pathways such as from the bedroom to the bathroom when needed, without having to search and feel around for switches. There will be no stubbing of toes or stepping on Fido with gentle lighting, you can also avoid disturbing others with a loud click and bright light. Your lights can fade gradually to black in the amount of time you set, in order for kids to drop off to sleep.

When away from home the lights can be set to mimic your routine, so that the house looks occupied. Sensors tell the lights when there is adequate natural light available prompting them to turn off. Unnecessary energy use is detected and checked, if anything has been inadvertently left on, alternatively lights will be activated when desired, great when your arms are full of packages etc.

Of course with low lighting, comfortable atmospheres and smart home automation systems at your fingertips, a feeling of glamour and opulence is assured. For added comfort,check out the beautiful and luxurious Kylie Minogue bedding range from Angelina’s, and to help the stresses of the day melt away. Some of the amazing bargains you will find at Angelina’s will guarantee sweet dreams.

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Effortlessly Controlled Environments

Home Automation Systems including Controllable, Energy Saving Mood Lighting



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The term ‘mood lighting’ highlights an element of interior design which affects the senses and emotions. When this type of lighting is applied skilfully, the whole ambience of a room can be controlled or changed, usually in order to induce a feeling of wellbeing. Lighting is often thought of as simply a practical thing, illuminating spaces and making it possible to see better in them. However on entering a home where lighting has been designed and carefully placed, there is an unmistakably different perspective. The profile of the rooms are raised somehow, and given an air of luxury and sophisticated chic.

Lighting within the architectural environment has the power to influence the viewer, and is utilised extensively by interior designers, who realise its importance. Even the most stunning room, filled with beautiful furnishings and spectacular décor, can be enhanced beyond recognition when mood lighting is introduced.

Varying levels of illumination along with ‘soft’ [diffused] or ‘hard’ [direct] light are used to produce a particular mood atmosphere such as restful, contented, happy, optimistic, peaceful, thoughtful or even stimulated and refreshed. A selection of tones and colours are available along with an impressive line up of lamp designs. The impact that lighting has on us is often overlooked, not only influencing how we feel but highlighting objects in a room. A striking and dramatic result is achieved by light which is focused on crystal, metal or sumptuous fabrics, reflecting shiny surfaces or emphasizing texture. Paintings or ornaments take on a special importance when illuminated. Shadows of different intensity also play a part in creating the feel of the surroundings. With light you can conjure up a happy bright family environment or transform it instantly into a romantic and intimate setting.

Mood programmes are just one element of electrical Home Automation Systems from Optic Control Ltd, allowing you to alter your rooms with just a light touch of the finger. We offer energy saving, controllable mood lighting from names like Lutron and Rako. Our high performance products bring some the most innovative technology into play, with smooth remote control of lighting, audio systems, home cinemas, curtains, French doors and other solutions, providing full enjoyment of your home. Many businesses and organisations, have taken advantage of our system installations in order to present their company in the best possible light [excuse the pun!]

Our products are frequently integrated into high quality, new builds as part of the initial design, making the property contemporary and exceptionally desirable. Multi Building Services Ltd, Essex, offer all building services from the fitting of air source heat pumps to complete new builds. They use only NICEIC approved electricians as part of their highly skilled team. Their interior design service offers a functional and outstanding home environment possibility, with a range of expertly designed styles like contemporary, rustic, classic, shabby chic and Scandinavian.

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Specialist Diagnosis & Treatment of Headaches in London & Essex

The Headache & Migraine Specialist network brings together neurologists and physiotherapists with GPs and other health professionals in understanding the causes and treatment of all types of head pain. By sharing research and developing areas of best practice the Headache & Migraine Specialist network are seeing some remarkable results in the majority of their patients.

The key to the finding the right treatment for head pain is in the finding the right diagnosis.

The first stage following referral to any of the practices in the Headache & Migraine Specialist group is assessment. A full medical history is taken, followed by a physical examination by a specialist physiotherapist. In most instances this will determine the type of headache and the correct care pathway.

In some instances it is necessary to refer a patient back to the GP or on to a neurological consultant but for most patients effective treatment can begin straight away.

The International Headache Society has identified more than 300 distinct types of headache but these can broadly be broken down to 3 main classifications: migraine, tension type headaches, and cluster headaches. The causes of headache vary from type to type although common triggers include genetic factors, hormone imbalances, intolerance to certain food & drink, posture and stress.

Very often there is not a single cause but the headache is the result of a combination of factors that together reach a threshold that instigates the pain response. This is the reason why a cup of coffee, for example, may have no effect one day but the next day it could tip the balance to severe head pain. 

One of the most common causes of head pain identified by the Headache & Migraine Specialist network is cervicogenic problems associated with the neck and shoulders. Fortunately, with the right intervention, it is also one of the most responsive to treatment.

For more information on the types, diagnosis and treatment of head pain visit

Specialist Diagnosis & Treatment of Headaches in London & Essex

Expert Financial Help & Advice for your Business

Experienced Chartered Accountant offering Tax, Accounts, Bookkeeping, Vat, Business Start-Up Support, Financial Help & Advice, Essex


cul It is tempting when running your own business to want to do everything yourself rather than delegate tasks and hope they are carried out to your required standards. This is understandable, but there are a few aspects of any business which should really be handled by the experts. One of the most important of these is of course the finances and business owners can contribute to these processes by staying organised, and keeping receipts and records up to date. A skilled hand is required where bookkeeping and accounting are concerned, even when the business owner feels capable of handling this side of the business. A professional and reputable chartered accountant is the best person to help and advise on any kind of financial matter including bookkeeping.

Many companies have realised the advantages of using outsourced bookkeeping, as opposed to employing their own in-house bookkeeping services. Reasons for this include the fact that with an outsourced bookkeeper, you only pay for the service when you need it. Costs rise where a full or part time employee is taken on to deal with these specific issues, plus there are the lost productivity costs to consider. An outsourced bookkeeper will alleviate time constraints, allowing you to concentrate on other business procedures. These finance specialists are highly focused on the job in hand, and utilise the very latest accounting technology and software, for greater accuracy thus reducing any risk of mistakes.

Our web promotion partner John S Culwick [Chartered Accountant] offers a uniquely personalised service including bookkeeping, accounting, taxation and business start up support. A bespoke customer focused service is provided giving you the benefit of knowledge, experience and reliability within the financial arena. For all accountancy services, tax returns, year end accounts and financial director services for companies and self employed individuals call 01268 680702


Financial Advice, Personal & Corporate Tax, Accountancy, Payroll Bureau Service, Company Formation for Self Employed Individuals.



Environmentally Friendly Fire Control


Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Chemicals, Cost Effective, Efficient Fire Extinction

abcThere has been great interest in the replacement of traditional fire fighting chemicals and dispersants with alternatives which are safer for the environment. Any possible negative consequences related to the use of fire suppressant chemicals have been largely overlooked in the past, as dealing with the fire has always been the main priority. Concerns regarding the environmental effects of certain chemicals used in the suppression of fires eventually prompted research to be undertaken by relevant bodies. Our web promotion partners ABC Macintosh are specialist manufacturers of high performance fire fighting products, which have a minimal negative impact on the environment. Continual development has enabled ABC Macintosh to provide fire fighting chemicals appropriate for use on all types of fire including dry powder and foam.

With clients throughout Europe, ABC Macintosh are experts at bringing exceptional solutions to some of the most challenging and hazardous fire fighting situations. These include petrochemical plants, nuclear industry, chemical plants, woodland fires, MoD, the Police and the UK Fire and Rescue Service. A wide range of fire types call for professionals to have access to the correct means of dealing with each incident in a safe and efficient way.

The majority of standard chemicals used in fire fighting can contaminate land and waterways, and some have been banned by the European directive. More ecologically responsible considerations while desirable have in the past proved expensive. ABC Macintosh consider economics an important factor, and consequently have endeavoured to integrate cost effectiveness into what they offer. Manufacturers of fire extinguishers have seen ratings and approvals improved as a result of using water additives, extinguisher foams and fat fire agents from ABC Macintosh.

Call for more information on 01536 260333


Control of Hazardous Fires including Woodland, Petrochemical Plants, Nuclear Industry & Chemical Plants

Billericay Removals and Storage Services for Domestic, Commercial and Business

Billericay Removals and Storage Services for Domestic, Commercial and Business

Billericay Removals are a removal and storage company based in Essex. However their reputation is known a lot further afield than just the Essex area as they consider themselves to be a UK wide removals company putting customer care and satisfaction before the issue of mileage.  So if you’re either living in Essex and moving elsewhere or making the move into Essex from another part of the UK then Billericay Removals should be your first and only choice for a secure, reliable, professional removal.

Trained Removal Experts

Each member of the removals teams at Billericay Removals are trained in every aspect of the job they’re undertaking. They have the knowledge to keep working at a steady pace whatever concern or problem may arise. Every last object is packed and transported correctly and with the utmost care and professionalism.

 Customer satisfaction

The skilled staff at Billericay Removals know that the company is heavily focussed on customer satisfaction. Each employee you encounter from driver to porter is uniformed and courteous making them approachable if you have any queries or concerns.

Professional Service

There is also an optional expert packing service available to make the whole moving experience that little bit more stress free. With this option the skilled staff at Billericay Removals will professionally wrap and cover (with the appropriate protection) any pieces or items from the location. Furniture and upholstery will also be individually wrapped and covered with the appropriate protection to withstand any journey.


Billericay Removals have been established from 1983 and have vast experience in the removals industry making them capable of undertaking the largest of removal jobs. With their Fleet of fully equipped removals vehicles specially designed for moving furniture and other large items they can undertake any job offered to them.

Billericay Removals specialize and excel in the in the removal of specialist items such as pianos, machinery, antiques etc which are moved using specially designed crates and the utmost care and attention.

As well as having a skilled and professional team of removal experts working with quality equipment and vehicles, Billericay Removals has insurance cover of up to £100,000 (twice that of most competition) to give the customer that extra piece of mind.

Contact us

Tel: 01277 653866 / 01268 768246

Billericay Removals and Storage Services for Domestic, Commercial and Bussiness

Wide Range High Quality, Carpets and Floor Coverings, Essex


Comprehensive Range of High Quality Fitted Carpets, Luxury Vinyl Flooring & Tiles, Laminate & Hard Wood Floors, Brentwood

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Beautiful carpets and remarkable vinyl flooring are just two of the choices offered by our web promotion partners Harley Carpets in Brentwood, Essex. These flooring specialists have endless know-how and experience when it comes to choosing your perfect carpet, underlay, vinyl or wood flooring. They are also partnered with the Society of British and International Design [SBID], demonstrating their commitment to the promotion of beautiful, well designed homes.

Carpet has always been an incredibly popular flooring choice, due to its advantages which include, enhanced thermal insulation, meaning smaller fuel bills, non-slip underfoot comfort and reduced noise. Noise reduction is an important benefit especially in flats or apartment buildings, where residents on lower floors can be negatively affected by noise from hard floors above. Carpets are soft, quiet and give a pleasant cushioned feeling when walked across, and in addition they provide a higher level of energy efficiency. A carpeted room will retain up to 10% of its heat, as carpets are natural insulators, and a good quality underlay will boost this even further. There are a vast range of underlays available which are specially designed to give extremely high levels of insulation, meaning lower bills along with a lower carbon footprint. There are a limitless variety of carpet styles, colours and patterns and Harley Carpets are happy to advise on any aspect of your purchase.

You may be considering a vinyl floor covering, which also throws up a world of choice, particularly where luxury vinyl flooring and tiles are concerned. Vinyl flooring is a great option, delivering the spectacular results you are looking for without the trouble or expense. This best selling option gives an attractive and functional flooring solution, ideal even for potentially wet indoor environments like the bathroom or kitchen. It can look amazing in the hallway too giving an outstanding first impression. Perfect for homes, offices, retail premises and businesses properties, luxury vinyl flooring can accurately reproduce the look of expensive materials like stone, marble and wood. Thermally efficient, easy to clean and maintain, cost effective, long lasting, and produced in a myriad of designs, shades and effects, vinyl flooring ticks all the boxes.

Harley Carpets also offer an exciting range of laminate and hard wood floors from major manufacturers, all at competitive prices, along with a FREE measuring and estimating service.

Call Harley Carpets on 01277 224015

FREE Measuring & Estimating Service on a Range of Affordable, High Quality Flooring, Essex


Fascias, Soffits & Weatherboard Cladding in Essex

In some ways it can be said that Optic Control represent the luxury end of the home improvement market. We wouldn’t necessarily agree. Communications, home security and multi media entertainment are basic requirements in this day and age.

In some ways it can be said that our friends and Essex neighbours at Chelmsford Roofline offer an essential service in home improvements. After all, fascias, soffits and guttering are indispensable in protecting buildings from water damage. This may well be true but modern roofline products, such as Eurocell fascias and soffits, or Cedral weatherboard from Marley Eternit, are as decorative as they are functional.

A quick checklist for those who are unsure what roofline products are:

  • Fascias look like skirting boards running around the top of the outside wall. They protect the roof beams and rafters from the weather.
  • Soffits are the downward-facing panels beneath the fascias, filling the gap between the fascias and the wall. Soffits are usually fitted with built in ventilation to prevent damp in attic and roof spaces.
  • Weatherboard – or weather cladding – protects brickwork from the elements. Weatherboard is commonly found in coastal and exposed areas.

Traditionally, roofline products were manufactured from timber. The biggest drawback is that to prevent rot, cracks or warping, wooden fascias, soffits and weatherboard needs to  be primed, treated and painted every five to six years.

Modern fascias and soffits are manufactured from PVCu to prevent damage and discoloration. They are maintenance free and when expertly installed by a specialist company such as Chelmsford Roofline they will last for decades.

Cedral weatherboard recommended by Chelmsford Roofline is made from a blend of concrete fibre that is as practical as it is versatile and is often installed for its architectural appeal.

More information on all roofline products – including boxboards, bargeboards, guttering & downpipes – can be found at

Fascias, Soffits & Weatherboard Cladding in Essex

Energy Efficient Secure Double Glazing, Choice of Colours … and Georgian Bars

When looking to replace windows and doors, there are three things every homeowner should watch out for: quality, design and price.

Optic Control friends and neighbours, Essex Trade Windows are local manufacturers and FENSA registered installers of top quality double glazed windows and GRP composite doors. Creating made-to-measure double glazed window and door frames to order, Essex Trade Windows deal directly with the public as well as supplying to the trade.

Double glazed windows from Essex Trade Windows are manufactured to the highest standards of energy efficiency achieving a BFRC ‘A’ rating for their 28mm Argon filled Planitherm Total Plus sealed units. Essex Trade Windows use Profile 22 sculpture suite PVCu and integrate award winning ‘Secure by Design’ handle and lock systems for optimum security.

With absolute confidence in the quality of the product, Essex Trade Windows offer a choice of elegant and stylish windows that will enhance the beauty of any home. Casement, Sash & Tilt & Turn windows are available in an incredible choice of colours. While white window frames remain the most popular option, black and grey window frames are regularly chosen for older properties – and modern buildings – while textured wood effect finishes provide a warm and natural appearance to any home.

Responding to customer requests, Essex Trade Windows have now introduced the Astragal range of Georgian Bars to add a period charm to any home. Astragal Georgian Bars can be fitted to almost any window without loss of energy efficiency or security. Also available in a great choice of colours and wood effects,  there are four great designs of Astragal Georgian Bars to choose from including the Traditional and Simplicity models.

With customer service that is second to none, Essex Trade Windows provide a highly competitive free quotation on request.

For more information, visit

Energy Efficient Secure Double Glazing, Choice of Colours … and Georgian Bars

Plastic & Metal Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings you can Trust

Wide Range of Quality Metal & Plastic, Low Maintenance Storage Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings


When looking for things like garden sheds, it is easy to be tempted by extremely low prices, after all a garden shed is a garden shed right? Wrong!

Most plastic and metal sheds may look very similar, but can have vast differences when it comes to strength, durability and functionality. If you look around the internet you will find many reviews by people who have purchased inferior outdoor buildings, with comments such as ‘next to useless’, ‘false economy unless you want them to only last a month’, ‘rain gets in everywhere’, ‘blew down in first strong wind’. Often the service is not much better with reviews stating ‘assembly instructions impossible to understand’, ‘cheap shed, extortionate delivery prices’, ‘shoddy delivery service’.

Our web promotion partners SM Garden Sheds, are committed to providing high quality plastic, metal and timber sheds, with customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list. The largest UK choice in outdoor storage including sheds, workshops, garages and storage boxes, means that SM Garden Sheds have the perfect low maintenance UPVC or steel shed for you. They offer FREE delivery to any UK mainland destination and there is clear information about this on their website delivery information page. Their comprehensive website also has plenty of product information like size, specification and details on features included with each building.

SM Garden Sheds are proud to supply outdoor storage products which have been carefully scrutinised by their team of shed experts. This even involves travelling to the relevant factory locations to observe the manufacturing process, and ask questions. This kind of intensive research demonstrates best practice, and assures high quality. These are vital requirements which allow the company to reassure their customers with confidence, about the standard of shed they are buying.

Some of the excellent outdoor storage products in their range include steel reinforced plastic sheds from Lifetime, Duramax and Keter, and expertly made metal sheds by reputable names like Lotus, Canberra, Emerald, Biohort, Asgard and Easy Kit. Browse their website and have quick look at their testimonials page, we are confident that you will like what you see!

Call SM Garden Sheds for some sound advice about their range of sheds and outdoor storage buildings on 0845 601 6299.

Plastic Sheds, Metal Outdoor Storage Buildings, Steel Reinforced UPVC Sheds, Low Maintenance Garages, Workshops, Outdoor Storage Boxes, Anti-Corrosion Vinyl & Steel Sheds