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Smart Home Automation Systems, Advanced Visual & Audio Technology

Smart Home Automation Systems, Advanced Visual & Audio Technology

Imagine coming in from a hectic day at work, the temperature in the home is perfect as you set it earlier from the office, settling down on the sofa with a coffee and beginning to relax and wind down. At the lightest touch of your fingertips, the window blinds smoothly close, the lights gently brighten to your preference and a large screen is revealed with a choice of viewing. Later, as you prepare for bed listen to some relaxing music in whichever part of the house you enter. As you drift off to sleep you know that everything is taken care of thanks to a clever customizable night time preset. Meaning your shades are lowered, your lights are turned off, and all of your locks are secured giving you complete peace of mind. You also know that when you wake and tap a button your bedside light will softly illuminate, your bathroom will be at the perfect temperature for you, and the TV is set to your favourite channel.

This is the tip of the iceberg when you choose one of our range of our Smart Home Automation systems. Crestron automation and control solutions mean that our customers can choose from the simplest automatic function to something which might be found in the latest sci fi movie! Engineering excellence comes as standard with this manufacturer. At Optic Control, we have sourced our innovative technology from some of the leading names in the business. This is why our customers trust us where quality, reliability and affordability are concerned.

High Quality, Intelligent, Customisable Electrical Installations

The world of engineering has changed significantly, and designs which at one time could be drawn out on the back of a cigarette packet, are now worked on via a 3D representation, allowing fast resolution of extremely complex ideas. An article written by an audio visual installation engineer in the digital magazine 'Installation International', highlighted the need for offering only superior quality products. He gave two examples which demonstrated the need for sourcing reputable and reliable products and systems.

In the first example, a sophisticated audio visual concept was proposed for installation in a particular venue. Some time later the team of designers were called back and heavily criticised about their bad design and the unsatisfactory outcome. The team were puzzled and stated that they had not actually supplied or installed any equipment. They then discovered that cheaper and lower quality products than the ones recommended had been purchased by the customer, and placed using the same design configuration. These of course did not produce the required performance results.

Domestic & Commercial Electrical Applications, Multi Point Home Entertainment

Domestic & Commercial Electrical Applications, Multi Point Home Entertainment - credit josef.stuefer

When it comes to commercial applications, audio visual systems have to be faultless and perform seamlessly. A second anecdote involved a networking system and amplifiers for a 40,000 capacity football stadium. Again, a board of directors representing the stadium summoned the engineers to a meeting, where they proceeded to complain about the sound quality, stating that it was not up to the standard they had paid for. Of course it was then ascertained that while they had gone with the original proposed design, they had used speakers which had cost only 20% of the ones advocated.

These tales are a result of the myth that 'all speakers do the same job', a belief that causes customers to experience inferior sound and visual quality and for a shorter period of time. This process is actually more costly, as equipment which is not up to standard is likely to fail and need replacing much sooner.

Media on Demand, Mood Lighting, Home Cinema, Security System Installation

A passion for 'making the world's best speakers' is what turned Bowers & Wilkins [B&W] into a world class producer of audio technology. Products from this manufacturer can be found in every Apple store, cars like Volvo and Maserati, as well as film and music studios like Abbey Road in London and George Lucas’s Skywalker Sound studios. They incorporate exceptional attention to detail in all of their systems which is why they are one of the market leading manufacturers we are happy to be associated with. All of the manufacturers we deal with like Crestron, Bose, Linn, Opus, Samsung, KEF, Denon, Yamaha and Rako Controls to name just a few, consistently deliver outstanding performance and dependability.

If you are looking for highly skilled electrical service contractors in the Essex area, we are extremely happy to recommend JJP Electrical Ltd. Based in Dagenham East, JJP cater to both the domestic and commercial arena and are qualified installers of a comprehensive range of electrical applications including home automation systems.

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