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Home Automation, Electrical & Mechanical Devices for the Home.

When you opt for one of the Optic Control home automation systems you can configure all of your electrical and mechanical home devices, enabling them to be operated from anywhere within the home by simply pressing a button.
Awe inspiring and impressive motorised actions requiring minimum effort enable you to design and control your own versatile environment in a domestic or commercial setting. Intelligent customised systems without any unsightly wires, boxes or mess, just smooth functional and co-ordinated actions. Access your music from anywhere inside or outside the home by simply logging on to your homes personal multi room system, so you can download your own music while travelling or at the office.

Mood Lighting & Zone Lighting

Mood Programmes can conjure up your ideal environment instantly, to complement how you feel at that moment. Alternatively choose one of the pre-set modes such as party, entertainment, cinema or general lifestyle mode. Curtains, blinds, lighting, projectors and sound systems can all be manipulated by remote control, subtly or dramatically
altering the surroundings. Whether you prefer a relaxing ambiance or a vibrant stimulating background - its your call.
Mood Lighting is integrated into many new build homes nowadays and allows you to conjure up a particular atmosphere by simply by touching a panel on the wall.
Zone lighting can be pre set to individual tastes and separates different parts of the house into lighting zones of your choice.

Energy Efficient Projector Cinema Systems With HD/3D

Projector cinema systems for your home are available in full high end HD/3D specifications, providing an authentic movie experience. Installation designs can be tailored to suit your personal taste, including a range of attractive or hidden speakers. Optic Control can install plasma TV with electronically sensored wall brackets, enabling the screen to sense your movements and adjust the screen position for your viewing convenience. Discreet covers can conceal the TV when not in use and we can also offer LCD TV's, front projectors etc to satisfy your personal taste.
Optic Control customers will benefit from consultation and advice on their best option, whether it be a multi use room which can be transformed at the press of a button into a cinema viewing area or a dedicated cinema room for any number of people.

Multi Point Surround Sound Home Entertainment Systems

Optic Control can install for you top of the range surround sound systems from brand names such as B&W, Linn, Bose and Crestron. Also an awe inspiring multi point audio system controlled by LED control panel screens can be distributed throughout your house. This can run via the internet or by using a mobile phone, giving you media on demand.
Interior designers can use home automation systems to create a rich variety of exciting contemporary effects which will compliment an avante guard style.
These home automation systems are not only the last word in sophisticated chic but are also eco – friendly, by reverting to sleep mode when no one is at home, so conserving energy, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.