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CCTV Surveillance Systems for Domestic & Commercial Applications.

At Optic Control we pride ourselves on identifying and installing the optimum security solutions to fit each customer’s needs. We offer a range of effective, reliable surveillance systems for home, office, business and factory.

We install internal and external camera systems to cover every requirement, such as automatic number plate recognition [ANPR] recording number plates for vehicle access points, time and date of vehicle entry/exit. Pre set positions are possible to focus on both the driver and number plate.

We install internal and external camera systems in pubs, bars and clubs etc. Surveillance systems can help to optimise table clearing or glass collecting, as well as warning of incidents in hard to view areas such as beer gardens.

Security Monitoring & Formatting

Ideal for building site use, allowing ease of development monitoring, which is internet processed. Overseeing of work and arrival and departure times of trades people is possible.

Optic Control can create a video formatting process, enabling property companies to supply their customers with an interesting visual footage of the progressive construction of their new home.

Shopping centres require a comprehensive system of good quality surveillance facilities for individual stores and walkway areas. Security measures to help prevent shoplifting and personal theft are expertly configured by Optic Control. Advanced protection may be needed for certain businesses such as banks, betting shops, casinos, arcades and ATM machines and Optic Control are expert at surveillance in these fields. 

Home Security Camera Systems 

Security in the home is a major priority, which is why Optic Control have a selection of superior high tech surveillance innovations on offer. These include a series of state of the art home camera security systems, equipped with clever resources such as motion detection. When movement is detected a signal is activated and sent to your smart phone allowing you to view the intrusion on your phone. These surveillance processes run quietly in the background and will not impact on your daily life.

We can deliver a door entry system, comprising of digital functional video systems using voice recognition to gain access. Close and detailed monitoring of access to premises is also a frequently stated requirement.

Solar Powered Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance camera systems can now be solar powered when there is a limited electrical feed due to the location or other restriction.

Controlled Access Security Database.

Access can be controlled, allowed or restricted by a foolproof system using key fobs, swipe cards, biometric [fingerprint] and standard keypads which feed detail into a database.

This means:
 a. Only certain people can gain access.
 b. Higher end systems show who accesses and when.

The security industry has become widespread, making domestic surveillance an affordable essential for every home. Whether stand alone, or a whole complex linked to a PC and working over a local area network [LAN], we install some of the latest and most technically advanced security systems available. Ideal for hotels, offices, shops, restaurants and pubs, all can benefit from a CCTV configuration and can deter burglars and other intruders.

CCTV Analytics & Night Vision Security Systems.

CCTV Analytics combined with standard stand alone systems can offer a huge advantage to any organisation. This package allows you to send alerts via email, text or video alarm to a remote viewing facility and/or local locations for a variety of scenarios. With video analytics it is possible to:-

  • Detect packages left in the wrong place
  • Count people
  • Identify people or vehicles travelling in the wrong direction
  • Disclose intruders or trespassers in a restricted area

Once their presence is noted intruders can be informed and advised to leave, using the public address system.
Night vision security systems are a popular choice for homes, shopping centres and pubs, providing clear vision no matter what the lighting conditions. There are various types of night vision camera with different specifications to suit any application. Poorly lit areas can be vulnerable areas and night vision cameras open them up and make them visible.