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Everyday Home Systems

Whether you require a completely new installation of a digital compatible aerial, Sky System, Freesat dish or simply a TV tuning Optic Control should be your 1st choice.
With the analogue TV signals due to be phased out over the next few years now is the time to consider upgrading to digital and benefiting from the greater picture quality and channel choice available. Freeview offers around 30 TV channels as well as radio stations in clear stereo. Even if the Freeview Postcode Checker says that you do not live in a coverage area it does not mean you can’t get Freeview. The Postcode Checker is only a guide, we have done many Freeview installations for customers where there is officially no signal and all works fine.

Aerial & Satellite Installations

We also specialise in aerial & satellite systems project management on new build or refurbishment properties tailoring a system to your exact needs, from planning to commissioning and installation . We also specialise in lead tile mounting kits. These are used where the house, office or flat does not have a chimney, so a pole on the side of your house would look unsightly. Most companies do not offer this option due to the time and skill needed.

Whole House Audio Systems & Flat Panel Installation

Whole House Audio Systems
Imagine having music delivered to any room in your home at the touch of a button. Multi zone audio allows you to choose when and where you listen to your favourite CD’s, ipod, satellite radio, etc. This excellent system can come at a very affordable price.

Flat Panel Television Installation
A flat panel television hung on the wall is a space saver and looks great. We can hang above fireplaces, install under-cabinet tv’s in the kitchen, and can also provide a movable system. This will elevate your television up from a cabinet when ready to watch and keep it hidden away when not in use, offering you sophistication in addition to convenience.

Surround Sound Installation & Universal Remote Control

Surround Sound Installation
Our experienced technicians can determine the best placement of your sound system to provide optimal sound quality for your movie and television viewing experience.

Universal Remote Control
Our installers can integrate all of your Audio/Video equipment into one easy to use remote control. With the touch of a button the remote will set all your systems to the appropriate settings for what you want to do, be it watch a DVD, video, television or listen to music.

Digital Satellite Service & Sky TV

An alternative to Freeview digital TV through an aerial is Freesat, the subscription free digital satellite service. Freesat provides over 140 digital TV channels, including BBC and ITV High Definition (HD) services. We can supply everything you need to get Freesat or Freesat HD, and we also offer a range of Freesat HD Personal Video Recorders (PVR) which allow you to record your favourite programmes at the touch of a button and even pause live TV!

Sky TV
Whether it's Sky, Sky+, Sky+ HD or Sky Freesat, Optic Control provide a professional installation service for all of Sky's satellite TV services. We can also install new or expand existing systems to include multi-room viewing, so now you can watch and control your Sky digital TV from different rooms at the same time.

International Digital Satellite

As well as the standard UK digital satellite installation, we are able to offer systems to receive digital TV from many countries including Portugal, Spain, Poland, Lithuania and the Middle East. This great service is perfect for ex-patriots from these areas wishing to stay in touch with events in their home countries, and for UK nationals wanting to broaden their horizons and experience a different culture through the medium of digital satellite television.